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Mommatown User Guide

Introduction - What is this site?

  • Mommatown is not a forum. You can connect your forum to your Mommatown account to invite others to it.
  • Mommatown is not a blog. You can connect your blog to Mommatown and invite others to it.
  • Mommatown allows you to buy and sell educational items using your own "shop" landing page. Items must comply with our Membership Policy.
  • Mommatown is free to register. Contests are free to enter. Games are free to play (except our Android phone apps). If you do sell items using our shopping cart, there is a transaction fee for sales. You don't have to use our shopping cart though, you can list items for sale in a "contact me for more info" type of way. People could pay you via Paypal, or in person - or however you normally charge them - however it works for you - if you prefer not to use the Mommatown shopping cart. You can also specify, if you connect your account to your favorite Homeschool Organization, that only members of that organization see your items for sale, keeping your homeschool community the nucelus of your efforts. This is helpful when, your Homeschool Org hosts a book sale, and you didn't sell all your items, and want to offer them for sale on-line, but only to your Homeschool Org friends and familes, keeping the spirit of the local group alive and well using this on-line format.
  • Mommatown allows you to store links to favorite sites, organize them, make notes about them, share them, and provides other homeschool help tools.
  • Mommatown allows kids to peruse games, contests, and educational content without seeing ads or links that take them to other non-Mommatown sites.
  • Mommatown helps people find items for sale - our search page allows them to search via multiple search criteria, from publisher, to main character, to subject, age range, and more.
  • You can have an account on Mommatown alone, or add family members to your "family account" and monitor them, see what games your child likes best, see their progress in an educational activity, watch them as they sell a craft on-line, however you choose to let them use Mommatown. View our Accounts Overview page for more on this.
  • Mommatown is easy to use, was made by a homeschooler, and is partly created and developed by user suggestion, and contract work by students.
  • Mommatown is 100% moderated: no post, item for sale, or comment, appears on Mommatown without being approved first. Safety first!

Our goals     Safe and fun for kids - useful to parents - useful to homeschool orgs

Types of User Accounts

Accounts Overview page - Explains the difference between the parent and child user account structure on Mommatown.
Test Account - Also, you can log in to a test account to see an example of a family using Mommatown.
Video Tour - View a video tour of a parent user dashboard as well.


Privacy Policy - Explains what we intend to do with your name, email address, etc. We are required to post our intentions for the usage of your personal information, so that you can make an informed decision to become a Mommmtown member.
Terms of Use - Technical jargon we are required to provide, which details the expectations of use we have of our members, and what we do or do not provide, what we do not guarantee, what we require, what activity might cause Mommatown to suspend a user, legal information, and so on.
Membership Policy - Explains what happens if a post you submit is rejected, what you can do, and explains criteria for successful posting in our communities.
Content Policy - Explains what kind of content you will find on Mommatown, so that you can decide how to set up your child accounts properly.
Advertising - Explains what kind of advertising is used on Mommatown.


Create a Report or Ticket - You can report a user, report that a book, product or web page is in error, or report anything, by using this page.


How-To Index Page - Let's you see how to create accounts and do other things on Mommatown using screenshots so that you can really see the steps yourself. This is the home page that indexes all current How-To's that the Mommatown Staff Members have created that relate to using Mommatown.
How To Create a New Parent/Family Account if you have never created an account on Mommatown before
How To Add Second Parent to your Family Account
How To Create a Child Account.

Need Help?

Pick our Brain - Our FAQ is a searchable database Brain we like to call "The Mighty Mug" that can help you find what you need to know fast. It is used when you want to know about some feature on Mommatown, and want to see if you can find the answer yourself. As we grow, as users ask questions and we add the answer to our FAQ, as features are added and therefore also instructions for those features, as How-To screenshot guides increase, the knowledge that The Mighty Mug possesses will only increase in scope and magnificence, and can be a valuable resource to help you figure something out. We hope one day The Mighty Mug gains self awareness, only time will tell.

Random Mom Tips

Mom Tips List - Random tips appear all over the web site. Click here if you want to find one you have seen previously, or just peruse them. Mom knows best!

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Mom Tip: Have you visited our Mommatown User Guide? It's an index for all of our Policy pages and Terms of Use pages and provides links for contact forms as well. We even introduce you to The Mighty Mug, our searchable FAQ Brain.. Check it out here

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