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Sorry, we have not opened "suggestions" yet.

"Suggestions" are different than "bug reporting" which is done on our report page. A Suggestion is a NEW item you wish was created on the system, whereas a bug report is reporting a problem on part of the site that already exists.

Making a site where USERS have the ability to input suggestions and drive the actual functionality of the site, is unqiue and we don't know any other site at this time that is able to provide as quick or responsive a user-development feature to their community. Being close knit to our membership, and taking that dedication down to the level of site development, is part of why we are so unique.

The Suggestion Box will be open at all times. When you make a suggestion, telling us about a feature or new module you'd like to see on Mommatown, we may contact you for more details about your idea, to make sure we understand exactly what you mean.

If and when your suggestion is chosen for implementation, you will be able to see the development schedule for your suggestion posted on our Trello development schedule, and watch the development steps unfold there. Also, if and when your suggestion is chosen for implementation, you are automatically entered into a contest. Winners get to choose a prize, just like in our regular contests.

Please do contact us if you have any questions about the suggestion box or anything else!

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