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Your account has:
A "handle" that the site uses for "community use". (Example: "MrSoccer" or "sparkly")
A "username" that you use to log in, using the form above only. (Example: "JakeLovesSports" or "Emily111")
A "password" that you use to log in, using the form above only. (Example: "Xtreme123!" or "CatsAreCool1")
NEVER share your real name, your "username", nor your "password" with anyone on Mommatown! NEVER share your Mommatown "username" nor your "password" anywhere on the Internet, and do not share them with anyone via email. Your username and password are PRIVATE and only you and your parents can know what they area. Your "handle" is the word that other people on our sites will see if you decide to sell items here.
ALWAYS share your "handle" with family members and friends, if you want to help them to view your contest entry, or to connect with you in other ways within the Mommatown community. For example, your mom can see all your work all of the time, as she set up your Mommatown family account. Grandpa lives in another state and wants to see your artwork or stories you have written. Grandpa will be able to find anything posted by you by using your handle (anything you have set as "shareable", that is).

ALWAYS report any suspicious emails you get that claim to be from Mommatown, or any suspicious site activity on any of our sites, to Mommatown developers. We keep a close eye on all activity on our sites, and welcome you to do the same.

ONLY log in to Mommatown using this page "" - there is no other login page to any of our satellite sites. If any email asks you to log into this site, or to Paypal, or any other site, and the URL does not look right to you, don't do it!

Be aware of Browser settings: Typically, on the web, your username and password are used by you to enter some account you own alone (email, bank, etc.). You are entering a zone where multiple family members may all use the same account. If your browser's settings (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are set to store usernames and passwords, and your browser prefills forms out with them, you may be allowing your child to log in to your parent account. You should change your browser's settings to "never allow" this website to have its user/pass stored or "remembered"/preloaded for you in the form above, if this fact is of concern to you. For young children, you can log in to your parent account, and then with a click of a button, load your child's account so that they can explore and play. If you do not want to create a "child account" for whatever reason, you can also just let them surf around Mommatown using your own account. It just makes it a bit harder to move their own art/writing work to their own account later, if you change your mind.
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Mom Tip: Contests are judged in a variety of ways. This makes it so that the person with marketing skills does not win a contest merely because they know how to get internet votes. All participants recieve an appreciation "gift" such as a special image badge on their dashboard, or a surprise that Mommatown provides.

More details about internet security: You should never share anything important, like a credit card number, driver's license number, or usernames or passwords via Email. Email is not a secure environment.

Mommatown developers will never ask for your username or password! So, if someone emails you pretending to be us, and asks for username or password information from you, it is not us, it is a "phishing" attempt! Mommatown developers can help you based on your handle alone. We may also ask you to verify that you own the handle with corroborating information, if we deem it necessary at the time.

How safe is Mommatown?

• Mommatown is not owned by a corporation or government entity or data collection service. It was created by two code writers - web developers who make sites for a living who used homeschooling themselves grade K-12. Therefore, the monitoring of content, protection of children, and security of data, is our number one priority rather than shareholders, profit, or marketing.

• Because it is coded from scratch, the framework for this site is not as hackable as a site made with some "premade package" like WordPress or Shopping Cart Systems out there that are offered to the public. So, from the custom site code we use, our knowledge of web medium, our policies, practices, terms, values, and goals, we choose to create a superior family of sites that offer you the best protection we can muster at every level. What other homeschool related site can say the same?

• We encrypt all sensitive data - so even if our database was stolen (somehow), all the hackers would find is data that looks like: "user first name: LPF#$R#ElFWER#$RWEFWEFE", "user last name: yu%^|%HTwBRH^%HTRG%H%HTR", "user email: DFV$%#$RGH;U%$YREGd4a5rtgGRG" - encrypted data that they would not know how to decrypt. Most sites do not use this level of encryption. We have made the Mommatown family of sites as safe as we can make it using the tools of this trade and our decades of coding knowledge.

• Our interconnected sites only show publicly what you set as "shareable". Once set as "shareable" Grandpa might find that drawing your child made and download it and share it to his Facebook. Once you make an item "publicly shareable" on Mommatown, it could get shared "out there" on the web. Once shared in that kind of way, on other websites and platforms, it is out of our hands. You could "unshare" it here, but it would still exist on those other sites.

• Our leadership reads almost every text post by every user or visitor to the site to every other user or employs custom reading/strafing software to catch red flags (a FULLY MONITORED SITE). That's why messaging is not immediate and various posts might take up to 24 hours to reach their recipient or be listed for sale, depending on the content you are posting. So, if a predator was attempting to contact a teen who is selling a craft, that teen would probably never even see the message. Can any other website say the same? You need to understand this for in order to have a Mommatown account, you check off an "I understand" statement explaining to you that all of your own content could be read by our staff and moderators ("mods"). It is one of the core protections we offer our members. This is not a private social platform, it is a communication and resource tool for educational purposes, and in being so, is a more controlled environment than the average website.

• We allow other users (you) to flag inappropriate books, images, messages, etc. If someone decides to post and "publicly share" a drawing or something they are selling that violates our policies, it can be immediately flagged and blocked. We block first, investigate, and then deal with violations after. Safety first. However, if you become a reporting Karen, reporting content unnecessarily, we may ban you.

BY LOGGING IN TO THIS SITE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING - WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to delete, block, or refuse any content whatsoever on this website. Be it story, picture, messages, item for sale. We also may block users from logging in as we investigate matters or block abusers of policy. We may block you merely for being belligerent - attitude is important. We want the site to work well, have good content, and be as safe a place as it can be, even for ourselves. Doing so is at our discretion alone.