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This page is a part of our User Guide.


I would like to contact Mommatown for this purpose:

Typo or bad grammar found on a page (a special thank you or possibly a prize is awarded, based on the find)
Bug was found - I click on something and a page breaks or looks wrong.
Content is inaccurate - a claim on the site is wrong.

Report a user doing something wrong or improper.
Report a book or other user-posted content is offensive or incorrect.

I need to contact you about something else

( This page is not enabled yet. After all, how can we let folks report things, when the site development is not even close to complete? :P - when someone reports something they find, using this page, such as a mistake or typo, they will be added to a contest, and possibly win a prize. So, our reporting page will be pretty unique and cool, once it is up and running. )

Meanwhile, if you really want to contact us, just email - It's a forwarding email we can recycle so that when spammers get ahold of the address, we can trash it and create a new one. So, it's live for now. When we email you back, it will not be "from", just FYI. So, add to your safe list as a domain, if you know how, or check your spam folder for our reply. Thanks for keeping us in your sights, as we develop a unique community for education, for encouraging creativity, and for fun, for kids of all ages!

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Mom Tip: When you add a family member to your account, you set permissions on the account to add or take away viewing content. For example, for a young child, you can set the account to hide all ads, but for an older child, allow them to see ads. You have control over what your kids can see and click.

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