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This page is a part of our User Guide.


I would like to contact Mommatown for this purpose:

Typo or bad grammar found on a page (a special thank you or possibly a prize is awarded, based on the find)
Bug was found - I click on something and a page breaks or looks wrong.
Content is inaccurate - a claim on the site is wrong.

Report a user doing something wrong or improper.
Report a book or other user-posted content is offensive or incorrect.

I need to contact you about something else

( This page is not enabled yet. After all, how can we let folks report things, when the site development is not even close to complete? :P - when someone reports something they find, using this page, such as a mistake or typo, they will be added to a contest, and possibly win a prize. So, our reporting page will be pretty unique and cool, once it is up and running. )

Meanwhile, if you really want to contact us, just email - It's a forwarding email we can recycle so that when spammers get ahold of the address, we can trash it and create a new one. So, it's live for now. When we email you back, it will not be "from", just FYI. So, add to your safe list as a domain, if you know how, or check your spam folder for our reply. Thanks for keeping us in your sights, as we develop a unique community for education, for encouraging creativity, and for fun, for kids of all ages!

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Mom Tip: Mommatown is a no-pop-up zone. If, when you visit our sites, a pop-up window appears, that could be a sign that your computer is infected with a virus. Never click on links in any pop-up unless you are sure of its author. Have a reputable company clean your computer if you suspect an infection.