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We have four free books in the making. The first one is in final editing and is being posted now, with new chapters posted weekly. The book reading module will keep track of what page you left off with, to make it easy for you to return and continue. Our chapter list view and a few other text and page controls are not quite ready, but that should not hinder your reading progress.
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  Purple Rain Sprinkles

A little girl finds an egg,
and her family is thrust into sweet adventure and dark mystery.

for ages - 12 and up

tags game fan fic, fantasy, fiction, science fiction
contains some strong emotion, some violence, death or near death
does not contain foul language, romance, gore
written by Mommatown
published on Mommatown 2017
price all our e-books are always free
artists no art posted yet

Why is the recommended age group 12 and up? The content contains a few dark chapters. Remember in the movie E.T. when the son is getting ill and E.T. seems dead? That is pretty dark matter for a 5 year old to read in a book. This story can be compared in mood and elements to the movie E.T., though this book could be considered slightly darker. There is no foul language, no romance, and no gore.

This is a fan fic book. Fan fic is a type of writing that takes known characters, and crafts a story around them. This book, Purple Rain Sprinkles, does not follow the classic story line from the game. You do not need to know anything about the game it is based off. If you do not know about the game, Creatures, we do not recommend that you find out about the game before reading the free book, for there are a few soft character spoilers and it might be more fun to read our book without spoilers. More information about the specific fan created web game the characters are based on is here: (Creatchi), and the original commercial game is here: (Creatures). Read more about fan fic at the bottom of this page.

Temporary Cover Art above is simply a placeholder for now. Once the book editing is complete, artwork will begin to be posted. There is an open invitation for art here. The image above is from a painting called "The Trapper's Camp" painted in 1861, by Albert Bierstadt, available on the public domain.

This book is a forever free fan story and is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Gameware Development, its affiliates or subsiduaries. Gameware Development, Creature Labs, CyberLife, Creatures, Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground are registered trademarks of Gameware Development Ltd. The Gameware Development, Creatures, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Creatures Adventures, Creatures Playground, and Docking Station logos are trademarks of Gameware Development Ltd. in the United Kingdom and other countries.

A few of the stories above may be fan fiction. Fan fic is widely accepted by the brands they are based on, as the game, comic, and movie industry recognizes the benefits of free advertising that fan activity offers their brand. Not only that, but considering half a million fan fic stories are often posted for one popular movie alone, the current creative climate on the web has made it impossible to police fan fiction. Even very strict franchises such as Star Wars allows fan fic. In fact, Lucasfilm went so far as to hold contests for such content. A Lucasfilm lawyer, Jeffrey Ulin, spoke to the media about the value of fan mash-ups and remixes, telling the Wall Street Journal that, those works were "part of keeping the love of Star Wars and the franchise alive. We're really trying to position ourselves for the next 30 years." We will never post fan fic affecting an author or franchise that expressly forbids such content. More information on fan fic is here:

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