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The membership policy specifically details what user actions are allowed and disallowed and sets rules of behavior.

We want users to freely participate and enjoy the benefits of our sites. However, we must lay out the rules, warnings, and outline possible repercussions to help steer the direction we want our community to take. Let's stay positive and work together to make a community that is fun, safe, and encouraging!

Anytime a user questions, or wants to get more information about why a post was rejected or handled a certain way, they can use our reporting page to ask. Please refer to the guidelines below about how to conduct an inquiry of this nature.

User Posted content such as images, drawings, scanned documents, and the like

When users enter contests, post books or other items for sale, or use any part of Mommatown Services to post an artifact, drawing, painting, file, or digital art, (aka "MATERIAL") the user posted content:

  1. If fits within definition of MATERIAL disallowed as detailed in our Content Policy ( ), MATERIAL will be rejected and further penalty may include no penalty, suspension of account for a time period, or a ban, based on MATERIAL and level of infraction (repeat offense, etc.). A reminder may be emailed to user, or posted to user dashboard, or not, depending on final decision and sole discretion of Mommatown.

  2. If MATERIAL is found posted on another site, at the time of Mommatown moderation activity, because there can be no definitive match of users between Mommatown and another site, MATERIAL is considered someone else's copyright. For example, your 16 year old child posts a piece of art they have created to enter a Mommatown drawing contest, yet they had already posted the same art a year ago on an artist hub such as Mommatown can not verify the original owner of the art and so must consider the art owned by someone else (copyright infringement). Therefore, MATERIAL will be rejected. After a Mommatown contest is over, the user could post their original art on another web site. Mommatown seeks to the best of our ability to keep MATERIAL posted by users as legal as possible, which means checking to the best of our ability to see if artwork already exists on the web, and must act accordingly if such artwork is found elsewhere. User has ability to prove that the artwork found an another site is theirs, by using our reporting page and working with Mommatown to prove definitively their ownership.

  3. If copyrighted elsewhere, and so MATERIAL is not owned by user, MATERIAL will be rejected and further penalty decided on a case by case basis on decision of Mommatown. Only post MATERIAL that you yourself have created, photographed, or written.

  4. If posting a book for sale, user may take a photo of the cover, and one page within the book, in order to give example of the book's condition. These images are not considered particularly owned by the user, as they are photos of an author's copyrighted work. These mages may be taken down, altered, or updated by Mommatown, at any time, depending on final decision of Mommatown. This Mommatown action may be based on a variety of factors, such as newly discovered copyright and fair use regulations, desire of the author, or other factors, and this action is at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

  5. If user posts MATERIAL that is found to be "severely restricted" such as but not limited to pornographic content, hateful content, racist content, or deemed severely restricted due to any factor Mommatown deems severe, at the time of posting, or even any time after posting, it is at Mommatown's discretion to reject the post and ban the user. This action is at the sole discretion of Mommatown. This and any action can be discussed, by using our Reporting page.

  6. If user posts MATERIAL that is deemed controversial, politically, socially, or otherwise, Mommatown reserves the right to reject the post and warn, suspend, or ban user, or not notify the user at all, based on content of MATERIAL, previous behavior of user, and any other factor, at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

  7. If user posts MATERIAL that Mommatown deems as pushing the boundary, or where you create risk or possible legal exposure for us, Mommatown reserves the right to deny the content and suspend or ban the user at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

If user is reminded by Mommatown staff not to post certain items, but continues posting them repeatedly, user is in a position to be forever banned, which shall be determined at the free will of Mommatown staff with no promise given as to pre warning or email notification.

User Posted text

When a user interacts with another user, or with Mommatown developers or administrators, the following behavior via text post is deemed at risk for suspension or ban at Mommatown's sole discretion.
  • hate speech
  • negative criticism
  • racism
  • bullying
  • harassment
  • "flaming" or repetitive posting
  • flirting or any sexual related content
This site is intended to help promote creativity, math, writing skills, reading skills, some gaming, logical thought skills, computer skills, art skill, scientific study and other general educational knowledge. It is not intended for general chat, dating, or other activities lying outside the realm of educational content.

ANY action taken by a user that violates the law will be reported to law enforcement; United States law, Florida law, and any applicable laws local and foreign that govern the use and safety of internet activities.

You also should abide by our "polite policy" which is: "be respectful with the truth, be kind and considerate" when contacting someone else on Mommatown.

When sending text communication to another user, you must realize that all communication on Mommatown is monitored / moderated this means that a Mommatown staff person will be reading everything you submit on our system, so as to keep kids as safe as possible from bullying, predation, and so forth, on the Mommatown web site. At any time, a Mommatown staff member may also FLAG a post that a child makes, in order to notify a connected adult account holder to a post that needs attention in some way or is significant for some reason, however, the adult account holder is required to monitor their own child's account fully, as Mommatown does not guarantee to FLAG any comment. We can not and do not claim to FLAG any comment you might wish we had flagged. YOU, the adult account holder, must monitor your family accounts, if you wish to be fully aware of any posts that might concern you.. Mommatown does not and can not guaranteee nor claim that we will FLAG all or any messages that a parent or adult might deem important or concerning. We will however, flag, ban, or delete any comment or post that does not comply with any one or more of our Terms and Policies, or that we deem suspicious, or that we deem able to be rejected by us for any reason.

Communication between users on Mommatown is very limited. There is no real-time conversational tool, no chat program (example: like Facebook's Messenger real-time chat text), no forum (example: PhpBB), no face to face widget (example: Skype) on Mommatown. Users do have the ability to contact one another when selling something, or type a short comment on a contest entry. The user-level-layer of protection on Mommatown is such that, if you allow your teen or other under-18 user to post an item for sale, or post a contest entry YOU, the adult account holder have the ability to set your account as "full moderator" so that the under-18 account holder can not see ANY post about their product, items for sale, nor contest entry, unless YOU "approve" the posted content. We suggest all adults use the protection tools available on our site to the full extent allowed.

EMAIL and other THIRD PARTY programs or OTHER TOOLS - The realm of email is outside the scope of Mommatown filtering and moderation. If you choose to allow a child to sell something, and via the process of selling something on one of our sites, allow by your action or inaction, a user to share an email address with anyone in your family, any email communication between anyone in your 'family of connected user accounts', and the email account holder, falls outside the scope of Mommatown's administrations, moderations, and protections. For example, you allow an under-18 year old child account to sell a craft, and whether you do or do not have your account set as "full moderator", in the process of selling an item, you allow a buyer's email address to be communicated to your own or another's account within your 'family of connected acocunts'. If anyone within your accounts emails the buyer, this email activity is outside of the scope of Mommatown's web site and therefore outside the scope of any protection or moderation of any kind from Mommatown. Email communication falls under your own personal attention alone. We must spell this out because often users are confused about the difference between in-site communicatoin, email communication and other scopes of use on the internet. Also, any tool or widget that your browser, your computer, or any other entity may use that you allow to happen, any other connection you allow to happen, that is not a part of the Mommatown web site, the Mommatown product, or that you allow to happen outside the Mommatown system, falls under your own protection, and not under Mommatown's moderation, protection, nor Mommatown's ability to oversee in any way. For example, you set your account to NOT be "full moderator" and therefore, somehow, a user not connected to your family communicated their Skype name to another account within your family of accounts. Some user in your family connects to another person via Skype. You are responsible for the level of protection, and what protection and activity you decide to enforce or allow, for any user you allow connected to your account. You need to be aware of what exists on the internet, and how they are connected, or not connected, such as distinguishing the realm of email, Skype, chat rooms, and web sites such as Facebook and Mommatown. Even though your browser might incorporate a third party program like Skype or some other tool or chat program, it does not mean that the browser company, nor Mommatown, has anything to do with, or any control over, the other program. Please be informed and act in such a way that your kids can reap the benefits and escape any potential pitfalls on the internet.

Account Creation behavior

Users are able to create an account. When doing so, the age of the user is asked. If the user is found to have entered false information, upon discovery, the account will be banned. Users under 18 are permitted to create an account, however, they will have very limited access until a parent creates an account for oversight purposes.

Please refer to our Account Types page ( for further details about actual types of accounts that exist, who may own them, if and how they change over time, and to our Video Tour page ( for examples of creating accounts and how their connections work.

Logging In / Signing In behavior

Per our Terms of Use, you are not allowed to sign in to Mommatown, or otherwise access its services in any way other than the ways provided by Mommatown. This means that you are not allowed to try to script, embed a frame on your own site, use sql injection, attempt to hack a url, or use any method considered as a hacking method in order to log in to our services. Log in using the Sign in page provided by Mommatown.

If with repeated sign-in attempts, our system auto-flags an attempted log-in as abnormal, Mommatown may take action to determine the intent of the user. Based on log files that record who attempts and fails to log in, Mommatown may block or ban a user from the ability to log in, or access our services, or access our web site, at any time.

We have provided a password recovery page, and that page helps you attempt to create a new password using the email address you have on file. If you no longer have access to an old email account that was formerly used to log in, and therefore you can not use the password recovery page, use our Reporting page to contact us and we can work with you to resolve the issue.

Contest Entry behavior

Our contests each specify on their own contest detail page how to provide an entry, when to enter, who will judge the entry, and when the judging will occur.

Users who submit content for a contest, by submitting said content to the contest via their user account, signify that their entry is their own original work. User who have been found to submit work that exists elsewhere on the internet, or that have been found to submit work that is owned by someone else, will have their entry disqualified, and their accounts suspended for a period of time determined by Mommatown. Users are not permitted to post the same entry to multiple contests. Conest entries must abide by all of our Terms and Policies in regards to content permitted or denied.

contest entry limits Users are encouraged to enter as many contests as is permissable. Each contest will explain on its own "contest detail" page how many entries per user are allowed, what age categories exist, and all other paramaters or limitations for entering the contest.

postal address To enter any contest a postal address is requested but not required, in the event the user wins the contest. We respect the rights of those families who do not wish to provide a physical address. Not providing a physical address, Mommatown will be prevented from mailing a physical prize, should a prize be won. If the entrant wins, the user does have the option of providing a physical address within one month from contest winner announcement. The contest winner announcement will be posted on our web site, and if the user has specified that they want an email alert for contest results, the user will receive an email announcement. Once the winner is announced, if the winner has not provided a physical address, they have one month from announcement date to do so. If the address is not provided within the one month period, the winner forfeits their physical prize. Any address typed into a Mommatown form, or stored in a user's account, can be deleted at any time. If the user does not provide a physical address, the winning participant may receive a graphical winners badge on their user's dashboard in lieu of a physical prize. If, after a contestant finds out they are in a Winner's Circle, they provide their physical address for the purpose of having a prize mailed to them, they will at that time be able to flag the address as "mail my prize and delete my mailing address", in which case the address will be communicated to Mommatown staff for the purpose of mailing out the prize, and then immediately deleted off of the server.

winners circle Most contests have multiple winners. The number of winners possible and category-name of winner are defined by that contest on its own "contest detail" page. Winners of contests are considered in the "Winners Circle" for that contest. Those users not in the Winner's Circle, will recieve a display badge, seal of merit, or other Mommatown-designed graphic that will appear on their own dashboard. This badge artwork can be freely shared on Facebook or any social media account. The type of art on these graphics will vary, and will display on the user's dashboard, specifically on their "My Badges" page. Some contests may allow users to choose a badge design, in order to add a favorite design to their collection of badges. For example, Mommatown creates a story about a farm, with various farm animals. A contest is created in relation to this story. Children enter the contest and those who are awarded badges get to choose from a variety of badges that display a character from the story.

Users who are chosen to be in the Winners Circle of a contest, are allowed to choose one physical reward each using the "Prize Selection" page. Users who are in the Winners Circle and neglect to choose a prize, will forfeit the prize one month after the contest results were published on our website. This is to help Mommatown adminstrate multiple contests and our prize library effectively. Once a winner chooses a prize, the prize will be mailed out to the user on the following business day, to the postal address on file for the user.

waiting period Once a user wins first place in any contest, they will not be allowed to enter another contest in that category for a specific period of time. A user's dashboard, specifically a contest entry page, will auto-calculate and notify a user if they are eligible to enter a specific contest, making the process easy to the user who wishes to know if they are eligible. The period of time for wait is on a contest category basis and will be explained on the contest detail page. This prevents a winner from dominating a certain category of contest over a period of time. The period of time per contest category is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, the typical number of users who enter a contest, the type of contest, and other factors determined by Mommatown on a per contest category basis. This period of wait can be changed at any time, at the sole discretion of Mommatown, while all contests of that category are suspended. For example, all "Drawing" category contests have ceased, all prizes given. Then the rules are changed to allow users to re-enter every 2 months instead of every 4 months, or some other contst rule is altered by Mommatown to help make contests more logical based on the interest in a contest category. After the rule change, a new drawing contest begins. Once an active contest's rules are posted on the contest's specific detail page, the rules will not be changed for that contest category.

contest rule exceptions Exceptions to general rules may occur from time to time on a per-contest basis via the sole discretion of Mommatown. For example, a rule might state that winners can not re-enter a "drawing contest" for 6 months, however a new drawing contest is created that announces that it allows ALL users to enter, because it deals with a holiday such as creating a picture for Mom on Mother's Day. Every Contest Detail page will provide all details as to contest rules, possible prizes, and whether a user is allowed to enter a contest.

non win All users who participate in a contest will be recognized for their effort in some way, whether that entails receiving a graphical badge on their "My Badges" page, an honorable mention, or other recognition. Some parents believe ALL kids who participate should be considered "winners" and ALL kids should recieve a physical prize, but this is not how Mommatown contests work. Our philosophy is that it is ok when participating in a competition, if some people win and some do not win. If you do not agree, and if you maintain that a non-winning entry in a contest somehow communicates "criticism" of effort, then please do not take part in our contests. As an adult account holder, you are able to "hide" all contests from your child, so that once the child is logged in, they can participate in games, activities, sell items, or whatever else you have allowed them access to, on our web system. Their experience on our system is controlled by your preference settings, only while they are logged in. If they see contests posted before they log in, and let you know that they want to participate, it is up to you to allow or disallow.


Mommatown has provided a reporting page ( where you can report inaccuracies, other users, user content, and the like. You can also use the reporting page to contact Mommatown for any reason, including to ask about why MATERIAL a user has posted was rejected. Your contact to our developers and moderators should be polite and any contact that is deemed in conflict of our policies within our Terms, Rules, and Guidelines within our User Guide can result in the suspension or banning of a user account at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

If a user account is suspended or banned, and whether or not any type of warning was given to the user via email concerning why the account was suspended or banned, the user is able to use our reporting page to ask the Mommatown staff questions about the state of their account, how it might affect connected accounts, and make an appeal to inquire about a decision reversal. Mommatown's developers, administrators and moderators have final say as to the state of the account, and may continue the suspension, continue the ban, or reverse the decision, at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

Accounts, users

False Information not allowed: If a user who creates an adult account is found to have entered false information, such as but not limited to a false age, or false or temporary email address, upon discovery, the account will be banned. It is possible that all connected accounts will also be banned.

One account per person: If multiple accounts are being used by one person, or if this is suspected by Mommatown staff, the accounts will be banned without further need of proof for the action. For example, an adult person owns multiple email addresses, and with them creates multiple adult accounts. Another example: an adult creates an adult account, then several "fake" children accounts. This is not allowed.

Mommatown reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and to ban any accounts, for any reason. The reasons may include account creation actions by the user that raise suspicion in Mommatown staff, communication between users that is not allowed, attempts to spam other users, or any other action by a user that causes Mommatown to act to ban the user.

Suspension and Bans

Please refer to the "Reporting" section above concerning contacting Mommatown about a suspended or banned account.

A suspended account is an account where the user is able to log in, but not able to post anything, for a period of time. The period of time is set and can be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Mommatown. A suspended account, because it has a time limit, leaves the door open for the user to log-in in the future and continue using their account fully, still being subject to our Terms, Rules, and Guidelines as set forth in all of our policies. If the account holder is connected to other accounts (for example, a parent is suspended but a connected child account is not) other connected accounts may log in and continue usage of Mommatown per our existing Terms, Rules, and Guidelines as set forth in all of our policies. The suspended parental account still has the ability to log in, oversee, approve and reject posts to and from a connected child account, and can adminstrate fully the connected child account based on their previous settings, or change child account settings, at will.

A banned account is an account that has been permanently denied access to log in to use the Mommatown Services. Connected accounts (for example, a parent is banned but a child is not) can remain active on Mommatown per our existing Terms, Rules, and Guidelines as set forth in all of our policies IF AND ONLY IF a second parental account exists within this family of accounts. If a second parent account exists, then the child accounts within this family of accounts have the ability to be overseen and moderated by the other parent. If there is only one parental account within the family account, then any "child" accounts where the child is under 18 will also be closed as there is then no oversight by an adult for the child account.

If it is found that either suspended or banned account holders, or any user with a connected account, attempt to create a new account either within their family of accounts, or outside of their family of accounts, in order to circumvent the suspension or ban, the new account will be banned as well. In this case, the entire family of accounts may be suspended or banned, at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

For both banned and suspended accounts, all content created by these users, whether items posted for sale, contest entries, and any other posted content, will be hidden from the community. Any contest entries posted by the user will be disqualified.

Mommatown's developers, administrators and moderators have final say as to the state of the account, and may continue the suspension, continue the ban, or reverse the decision, at the sole discretion of Mommatown.

As per our Privacy Policy (, if ANY account remains unused (no one logs in) for two full years, all content connected to the account will be automatically deleted. This is to remain in compliance with COPPA which states site owner will.. "Retain personal information collected online from a child for only as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and delete the information using reasonable measures to protect against its unauthorized access or use." We not only take this action for child accounts, but adult accounts as well.

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Mom Tip: Contests are judged in a variety of ways. This makes it so that the person with marketing skills does not win a contest merely because they know how to get internet votes. All participants recieve an appreciation "gift" such as a special image badge on their dashboard, or a surprise that Mommatown provides.

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