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Developer update Sept 6 2021

We moved our sites to a better server. Most pages are broken as we upgrade to the new engine. Our sites are in development and not open for use yet. If you have questions about this project please contact us here.

An Educational Playground for Kids of All ages.

FREE Educational Activities, Games, and Content.
With Unique Safety and Parental Control.
Log into one Mommatown site and you are logged into all of them.
Keep ownership of your child's learning experience.
You control what your child sees.
See your child's progress on your parental dashboard.
Your child simply plays and learns in a safe interconnected family of sites.
You can Buy and Sell educational books and materials.
Allow your child to sell crafts, learning how to budget supplies.
Opt kids out from being able to see any buy/sell content.
Plan your homeschooling week from your dashboard.
Collect URL links and make notes about other sites you want to utilize.
Connect to Homeschool Orgs, or other educational groups.
Coming Soon!

Interconnected sites in the Mommatown Family.

The Mommatown Offering
Mommatown Learning...
Read Stories
Math Practice

WeSchool Buy-n-Sell, for adults and/or kids, your choice...
Buy/Sell Books & Stuff - Mommatown's main satellite site - Buy and Sell educational items, books and crafts. Set your account to ship items or hand-off at the destination of your choice.
WeSchool Buy and Sell
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Mom Tip: Kids logged in with child-safe-mode will not see ads nor any links that take them off our fun community of satellite sites. When you log in to one Mommatown site, you are logged in to all Mommatown sites, and can access all educational content, activities, games, contests, and other members-only functionality. Homeschool Organizations will find our connection wizard valuable. Find out about our 100% community moderation, 100% no-email-spam policy, parent and children level access, terms, and more, in our User Guide.
We Care About Young Talent! We commission artwork and showcase the talent of young artists on our site. From the art in our avatars, games, stories, to our educational interactives, we help aspiring art talent and credit their work on our site. We want youth of all ages to succeed! Check out the Contributor Mentions. Click a name to see that Artist's full submissions. This way you can see all of the art they provided. A nice addition to any artist's on-line portfolio, we hope.

A little about our interconnected in-development sites:
MOMMATOWN.COM     KIDS: Read stories, practice math, enter contests, participate on science and other educational interactive pages, write your own stories or poetry. PARENTS: may organize their homeschooling page links, schedule, and set privacy settings for their children. ORGS: Allows homeschool organizations to post schedules and other information, and allows homeschool families to find these organizations, if desired.
WESCHOOL.ORG     Allows users to buy and sell books and other items, post their service (dog-sitting or other kid powered biz), and learn to be entrepreneurs.
WE-HOW-TO.COM     Helps kids with critical analog thinking by allowing them to read and create how-to instructions.
FAMILY-ART-SUPPLY.COM     Provides specific art and craft project instructions.
ART-BOOK-FOOD-FAIR.COM     On-line tool lets you create an Art Fair, Book Fair, Food Fair, Science Fair, or "Anything" Fair registration for your fair whatever kind you are creating, and allows you to invite others to "register" to participate. If a payment for registration is needed for your fair, allows the registrant to pay.
THEDIGU.COM     Ancient Earth science site for ages 12 and up.
DIGDINER.COM     Ancient Earth science site for ages up to 12.
KID-CODERS.COM     Teaches kids 12 and up how to make web sites from scratch, and provides other basic computer knowledge lessons.
What is Mommatown?
Mommatown is a clean zone, a kid-friendly zone, used by your average family, to allow kids to edu-play freely with oversight. When you sign in to Mommatown, you will be able to participate in drawing and writing contests, educational games and educational content, buy and sell kids crafts, educational used and new books, and homeschool items, in a child-safe fully moderated community. We are a unique community created from scratch. Right now, we're coding the core, dashboards, and ability to participate, buy and sell.

We developers are "the Momma" our sites are the "town" and you are the "kids, residents, & visitors". We hope you enjoy your stay!

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