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  Contest #1 - THE SHOW

Provide art that contains anything having to do with the one-page story below. The contest will accept entries until at least 15 valid entries are provided, or 3 months elapse, whichever is first. Want the contest run to be fast? Share this page with your friends so that more artwork is sent in!

Because Mommatown is in its infancy, and does not yet have an upload page, simply send your contest entries to
You will not be put on a mailing list. Your email will only be used to notify you if you win.

Here is the story - create some kind of art having to do with this story - logo, place, person, tv, baby, binky, ....anything.

The Show

The commercial began with a logo, a bluish green saturn like planet symbol, the rest of the frame out of focus.

The logo faded away and the scene came quickly into focus. A happy family of four faced the audience, standing on the normal looking sidewalk in front of their average looking home.

As families go, this looked like your typical suburban variety. A dad, a mom, a son of about 10, and a baby girl nestled in her mother's arms, sucking furiously on a binky.

"Hi!" said the father stiffly. He was obviously not an actor. From the way he began, awkwardly waving at the camera and stiffly greeting the millions of viewers, you could tell he was just a regular guy, a regular Joe, no acting classes taken, no coaching, no pretense.

"We are the Dorq family." He continued.

"This is my wife, 'Ima'".

The woman, wearing her prettiest printed flower dress, dropped her head in a nod slightly, too embarrassed to say anything to the viewing audience.

"This is our new baby daughter, 'Weelibeea'". He continued.

The baby, as if on cue, stopped sucking furiously on her binky, and let it drop to the pavement. Her mom did not notice.

"And this is our oldest son, 'Major'".

The son, the only one of the group not camera shy, waved happily, excited to be on 'The Show' and addressed the world himself, "Major Dorq here!" He was ready. He had dreamed about this moment all his life. This was 'The Show'. This was Primetime. This was Fame.

The dad finished with, "And I'm called 'Wadda.'" He gestured to himself.

The family all waved, as if directed to, as the camera smoothly backed up more, showing a few more of the surrounding homes, the camera positioned higher in the air now, about 30 feet up.

The sun shone down on the street and on this average family, a gentle orange light glistened on shoulders, bald heads, and muscular forearms, giving their translucent blue skin an added glow, almost warm. There they waved, all twelve arms, happy and excited to be the next family featured on the wildly popular program.

A voiceover took the attention of the viewer, "This is your host Johnny Lept. Join me next week for our wildly popular 'Being Human Show' as we walk you down one amazing week, through the thrilling human lives of the 'Dorq' family! Tune in next BlurDay, at Twenty O'Clock!"

The scene faded away, and the planet logo reappeared. Then the screen went dark. For everyone, all around the globe.

This was 'The Show'. This was the only show, on planet Klak.


Contest #1 - ENTRIES

Klakkian Baby Spit

Terms and Prizes

The Fine, no Awesome, Print:

    What about the art?

  • Art should be digital

  • open to entries from any age group

  • a scanned drawing

  • a photo taken from your phone and emailed in

  • shared with Mommatown via social media

  • photo of your painting

  • photo of your clay, origami, messy bed blanket sculpture? - we just aren't picky

  • Art can be any size.

  • You will be emailed back a link to your artwork, in case you would like to share your efforts with friends via email or social media.

  • 1 piece of art per email address please.

  • Art must comply with our terms and conditions – most important is that the art is your original work and is Rated G. If the art does not meet the requirements, it will be invalidated.

Art will be posted on the Mommatown contest page, and possibly on Mommatown's Facebook or other social media platforms for the purpose of alerting our followers that the contest exists. By providing the art work, you agree to this.

Your name, (or email address, dog's name, hair color, or any other identifiable part of your life) will never be posted with your artwork.


For this particular contest, only Mommatown will vote for winner / runners up. Winning art will be announced via email, on our site, and on our social media outlets.

Contest Prizes

At least one physical prize will be awarded, if at least two entries from different email addresses are received.
At the time of winning, a prize selection page will be offered and any who have won a physical prize will be able to select the item of their choice from this Prize Page.

First Place: place is chosen and awarded by Mommatown staff for creativity, flair, or any quality deemed wonderful. Winner chooses prize from prize page (open to U.S. residents only). Prize is mailed (no charge for shipping).

Second Place: awarded to random entry, provided there were enough entrants. "Randomization" is often creative, and 'random selection' video will be posted. Winner of this place chooses prize from prize page (open to U.S. residents only), which is mailed (no charge for shipping).

Other: other 'category winner or winners' will be selected by Mommatown staff, provided there were enough entrants, and physical prizes may or may not be awarded, based on the number of honorable mentions that exist and the winning category that Mommatown announces.

Mailing address will be requested to all winners via email for the sending of physical prizes, if any are won. If the entrant does not supply a physical address for the mailing of their prize, the prize will expire after 30 days (for we were not able to send it anywhere, right? right? Hey we wanted to!). Mailed prizes are awarded to citizens of the United States only, in order to save on the burden of shipping costs on Mommatown. Anyone choosing to take part who does not reside in the U.S. may win, and get non-physical prizes (for example a merit badge on your account dashboard) but will not be able to choose a physical prize. Again, anyone choosing to take part in this contest who does not reside in the U.S. may win, but will not be able to choose a physical prize. Anyone not disclosing that they do not reside in the U.S., upon providing their shipping address, shall be informed that they are not eligible for a physical prize. Sorry!

Marketing efforts

Mommatown may opt to open up our own staff to be able to post artwork to encourage creativity if entries are slow. This is for the purpose of sharing about the contest on social media. Any art supplied by Mommatown staff is for the purpose of display and marketing only and will not be counted as entries valid for voting, and are not valid entries for prizes, nor for any level of win. If a contest states, for example 15 spots are open, and after submitting a marketing-only submission to encourage activity, the contest does attract 15 entries, then Mommatown entries will be extra, non-functioning, art on the page, and nothing more. The live-entries received by real people will then fill the 15 slots. Make sense? We're just trying to get the word out and sometimes creating some marketing art can spur others to create 'real' contest entries.

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