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Art Request

Are you a high school or college level Art Student? We would like to offer you a gig (when possible).

    How does it work? The ten steps to a happy working relationship

  1. You would come to this page and look for art requests. Find one you think you are capabale of providing.
  2. You read the requirements for the art piece(s) and decide if you have the skill level and can provide the requested number of pieces of art.
  3. You decide if you like the payment amount, considering carefully the amount of work detailed in the requirements.
  4. You contact us and tell us of your interest in providing the specific artwork you chose.
  5. You would provide one piece of art, a sketch or such, that indicates your skill level, and typical art style. A page from your current portfolio may suffice as well, if you have one. For example, if you were responding to the need for "avatars" you might already have avatar art stored on DeviantArt or Fiver or some site, and could provide a link to that art as an indicator of the talent and style you would provide Mommatown.
  6. We discuss with you your art style and let you know if we would like to commission you for the artwork. Because we may get several artists vying for a spot, you may not get the gig, sorry!
  7. We create a contract / copyright / license / document that you sign.
  8. We complete the arrangement with an agreed upon artwork supply schedule and payment schedule. (Payment method can be Paypal, or other method of your preference, if we trust the method.)
  9. You take the money and smile. We take the art files and smile.
  10. We provide the opportunity for you to be included in our "Mentions" page if you wish to be included there. (always free)
  11. Per our contract that you will read and sign prior to any payment, all art provided to Mommatown must be original work. Anyone discovered providing non-original art will be banned from providing artwork in the future.

Art Request Updates

Story Panels: we are currently writing several stories that will need illustrations. Once we are ready for art, we will post the requirements here. This item is at the top of this list because we will be opening it up soon with art requests.
OFFER: We are now posting the story chapters for "Purple Rain Sprinkles", an original e-book, a simple $FOREVER-FREE FAN-FIC based on these beings:, and will be paying for art for each chapter title page. You would need to read the story, and choose a chapter title page that you are interested in providing. One title page per artist only, one piece of art per artist, for we are looking for a variety of art styles.
     The specs for this are easy, we will need an 800px x 530px .jpg image at 72 dpi. We will not require the .psd nor any source files, only the .jpg. Once you choose a chapter title page that you are interested in, email us, and let us know which chapter, what your concept for the piece is (which is an addition to STEP 5 above - to describe the "scene" you have decided to create), and what your medium would be.
     Concepts: chapter title page art should not give away any "surprise" in the chapter. So if the chapter "reveals" something startling, we do not want the chapter title page image to "spoil" that surprise. The chapter title page does not even "have" to show a scene from the chapter. For example, in a Winnie the Pooh book, a chapter title page might simply be the image of Piglet, or a flower from the forest, just something related to the story and not necessarily recreating any scene in the chapter itself.
     The only exception to the open concept plan above, is that the Chapter 1 scene has already been determined. The Chapter 1 title page will be a little girl seen from behind, knees on couch, elbows on back of couch, watching a storm out her living room window.
     The book is here.
     We will be taking submissions based on the submission criteria steps at the top of this page. Please do not submit art until you have read and understood the steps above. Any art sent to us that was not submitted using the steps above will be rejected.
     Payment: The payment for this work will be a range based on skill level. Once you follow the steps up to STEP 6 above, we will offer you a quote for your particular piece of art, based on skill level or art style. If the offer is acceptable, then we both continue to STEP 7 and so forth. If interested, email us at (**see note below). It may take several weeks for the book to be completely posted to the site, because we are in the editing process as well, so feel free to take your time deciding what chapter you would like to submit art for.

** Note: until we create our art submission form, we are offering contact via: This is a forwarding email that we can recycle so that when spammers get ahold of the address, we can trash it and create a new one. So, it's live for now. When we email you back, it will not be "from", just FYI. So, add to your safe list as a domain, if you know how, or check your spam folder for our reply.

Also, our development of the e-book navigation is not quite complete, so if the book page "breaks" just refresh it in a minute and it should be working. We are working on our live site instead of our dev site at present, since we have no readership yet to worry about, Mommatown being unlaunched as of yet.

Badges: we are developing our "badge" library now. "Badges" will be used to "reward" kids when they complete an activity, maybe get to a higher level in a math game, win a contest, complete reading an on-line book, and so forth. We are currently coding the functionality of our badge system, and once we define the required sizes/shapes/types of badges, we'll be posting a request here to ask for badge artists to contribute their skill to this need. We will be looking for a variety of badge styles. We'll explain more later. We have this item listed as the second item on this page because we will have an extensive badge library and will hire several artists to provide badge sets in the future.
NOTICE: We are now posting the story chapters for "Purple Rain Sprinkles", as described above, and as a child reads through this book, they will get a "badge" once they read each quarter of the book. We will be asking for badge art for this book, and will post the criteria for the badge art only once the book has been completely uploaded to our site. This may take a few weeks. For this artwork, we will be asking for four badge art pieces from one artist, in order to keep the art style consistent. Stay tuned for details in a few weeks!

Activities: Activities are interactive art panels that offer mouseover texts, or mouseover movement, or uncovered pieces of art, or sequential art, that help teach in an interactive way, about some concept. We will create a few of these ourselves, so that when we ask for a piece such as this from our artists, you can see an example of the work in order to better understand the art request offer.
NOTICE: we will soon be looking for a piece of art that is showing the cross section of a volcano as it erupts. It will have magma, lava, a pyrotechnic blast, and surrounding vegetation and animals in the scene. It will be an art piece that will help explain the anatomy of a volcano and what happens during eruption. Stay tuned for more details as we solidify how we want this one to work.

Avatars: we are ok with our avatar library for now. In the future, we will need more. Check back later.

There will be more art needs as we get rolling. Everything from contests, to web games, story characters and educational activities will require artwork. We plan on allowing students to provide most of this art content, to encourage their talent, to encourage their drive to create, and to encourage their hopes for professional work. We pay for all artwork provided to us.

Android apps only use artwork provided by Mommatown staff.

What is "the catch" you ask? We ask for art, according to our guidelines, we mention you on our Artist Mentions page, if you wish, and we attempt to post engaging content that helps kids learn and love learning. We hope there is no "catch". How does this site make money? This site was created to "give back" to the community. It will make no money for a long time, and if in the future it does make a cent, the money aspect of this site will not be a driving force, nor the purpose of its existence. Meaning, the site is not made to reap a large profit, and if profit is made, it will be a nice surprise! This is our hobby, our give back and we want this site to bless many.

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