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This page will detail and provide multiple screenshots of all of our Android Apps.

Our first two apps are hopefully to launch by the end of summer and end of fall.

Mom Words Jungle

The first app, is a word game where you edit one letter of a word to make a new word.
This game concept came about due to a conversation with a teacher a few years back, who was expressing out loud her wish that better game apps existed that would do simple functions related to spelling, addition and the like, to give teachers something to recommend to parents for kids who struggle a bit in certain areas. We took note of this need and a few years later decided to make this simple word game our first game. We have recently renamed the app from MomWordsFour to MomWordsJungle. The beautiful thing about apps of this nature, is that once we get the first one launched, and make sure everyone is able to play it bug free, we can swap in some art and new words list, and viola! ..produce a new app for those who liked the first one. This way we continue providing app content people like, without a ton of coding time overhead. (hopefully end of summer launch for this one)

Wolf Kutaa

The second app is about "Wolf Kutaa", an icelandic wolf who goes on an adventure in his land. It simply encourages reading with a choose-your-own adventure style of play, and encourages understanding of a changing landscape. (hopefully end of fall launch, this one comprises a lot of artwork to be made by Mommatown staff, which while fun and addicting slows development of an app!)

Check back for more, such as screenshots showing gameplay and release notes, in the future.

Sorry, iPhone users, we have no plan to execute our games on both platforms.

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Mom Tip: Older children can be allowed to post "crafts" they want to sell on, if the parent gives their account that permission. When someone inquires to buy, you can set the family "shop" to notify only the parents, notify the child, or both.

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