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This page is a part of our User Guide.

Advertising Content

When Mommatown opens its doors to those who might want to advertise their homeschool or educational business, one of the requirements for the ad will be that the Mommatown team designs and implements it. This is to ensure that the artwork is the proper size and resolution and meets our standards, and that the code used to activate a link click is free from malicious code. You might be surprised at how many computer infections are generated by malicious code hidden inside ads.

At this time, Mommatown has no ad content and may use the ad banner area to announce new features and site content. Once the site is running fully, we will open the opportunity for ad placement.

Ads will be required to be of an educational nature, such as courses, homeschool shops, and the like.

Ads that are reported by our users as misleading or not useful will be pulled per the ad contract agreement.

Ads will not be seen by children IF THEY ARE LOGGED IN to a limited view account. Parents have various controls over their children's accounts. See more info on types of accounts on our Account Overview page.

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