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Mom Tip: Kids logged in with child-safe-mode will not see ads nor any links that take them off our fun community of satellite sites. When you log in to one Mommatown site, you are logged in to all Mommatown sites, and can access all educational content, activities, games, contests, and other members-only functionality. Homeschool Organizations will find our connection wizard valuable. Find out about our 100% community moderation, 100% no-email-spam policy, parent and children level access, terms, and more, in our Mommatown User Guide.
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What is Mommatown? Mommatown is a clean zone, a kid-friendly zone, used by your average family, to allow kids to edu-play freely with oversight. When you sign in to Mommatown, you will be able to participate in drawing and writing contests, educational games and educational content, buy and sell kids crafts, educational used and new books, and homeschool items, in a child-safe fully moderated community. We are a unique community created from scratch. Right now, we're coding the core, dashboards, and ability to participate, buy and sell.

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