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What's new on Mommatown?
    May 10 2017 Focused on some graphics that were needed, did a reshoot on some photos, and created an artist's mention page, so that young artists who wish to can be referenced, and their portfolio, deviant art page or what have you, linked to, if they wish to be recognized. This is a free service to artists who contribute to Mommatown sites. Mommatown will hire contractor artists at various times, which will make our site helpful to those who wish to break into the web art field. We don't believe in using 'interns' for free.

May 3 2017 Working on the Terms of Use content right now, for the community of sites. Log in works great and routes you back to original site, and Mommatown color scheme changes to fit referring site's skin. Awesome. Have a few bites on artists who want to work with Mommatown and provide some artwork. We are not a closed system here, we want to involve others! Will try to have a really great "Thanks to..." page where young artists who we have contracted with us can be listed, if they wish, maybe help their resumes..or at least make their mom's happy. Exciting time -- Got chinese for dinner, fortune read "fortune and fame is coming your way." LOL.. I'd take the fortune, but you can keep the fame, that never works out for anyone, oh Panda Express.

Apr 27 2017 Sally has been working on many things, including rough drafts of Policies, Terms, and other User Guide content. This included setting up a Content Management System custom-made from scratch for Mommatown. That's sort of like a custom-made WordPress, but only we know the source code, which helps keep a site secure. Years ago I had a blog, and because I used a blog system that a million other people also used, when a hacker decided to crash the blog system, all of those blogs died across the internet. I learned a lesson there, custom code is more secure.

Apr 21 2017 Our 2 main developers were both out sick for 10 days! So, we are madly catching up on our due dates!
What's new on WeSchool?
   Apr 24 2017 We are completing the ability to log in securely from WeSchool and have the login effect ALL Mommatown satellite sites. Our system will know if you are logged in, an adult, child, have full access, limited access, can add other family users, etc. It's very unique.
What's new on Dig Diner and The Dig U?
    May 3 2017 Put up version A of the header image for TheDigU and tweaked site colors. We really need to get a few more articles up, had intended on one per week, but other work took priority.

Apr 23 2017 Sally is working on the Dig U banner image, which will be created using matte painting. We hope to one day create tutorials for kids on exactly how to do a matte painting. It's fun! We added the first article to both sites.
What's new on Dinosaur Shelf?
    May 3 2017 Have to retake photos, hopefully tonight I am able to get that done so that we can post some content by Saturday or midweek next week.

Apr 24 2017 We have been photographing dino models and getting ready to post content here. Our photo studio set-up was great fun to set up. Will post picks of our set-up in a few days.
What's new in Contests?
   Apr 21 2017 Contests are waiting for other key login-functions to be operable. Then, we'll have to find a way of allowing our first few contests (drawing and writing) to be advertised among interesed kids, so that a number of kids participate!

There will be a request for admissions, then admissions close, then voting opens. Not only will public voting be allowed, but members-only voting, and Mommatown staff voting. Therefore, there will be several winners, runners up, and other prize levels. Therefore, it will not be a competition based on how many facebook family members voted (popularity), but winners based on other criteria (Mommatown selected winner for color usage, Mommatown selected winner for most improved since last contest, Mommatown selected winner for overall content, etc. based on the type of contest.).

Winners will select prizes from a prize page. Prizes will be freely mailed to them (no shipping cost).

Runner-ups will have a separate prize page.

Non-winners will have participation "prizes".

And so forth. We are setting this up so that no kid feels completely left out, yet we can and do reward "winners". We do not feel that it is a negative aspect of life to win and lose, but also want to reward all efforts with a thank you, a kudos, an account avatar pet or some other fun creative way of saying "thank you for participating"!

Stay tuned to see how this will play out!
What's new in Games?
   Apr 21 2017 Games will take longer to implement, and are waiting behind everything else. Our first Android game will be a word game, and our second will be a story about a beautiful and lonely wolf. Our first on-line web game is in development and will not be revealed until a later date.
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